get yer ‘conscience’ off my uterus

February 18, 2008 at 9:24 pm (feminism, gender, healthcare, law, quality of life, retail, they hate you they really hate you, they really hate you, wtf)

a judge rules that washington state pharmacists can refuse to dispense plan b

Pharmacies and pharmacists with religious or moral objections to “Plan B” emergency contraception may continue to refuse to dispense it until a lawsuit is settled, a federal judge ruled Friday.

The state had asked Judge Ronald Leighton of the U.S. District Court to reinstate rules requiring pharmacists and pharmacies to dispense all legal medications, pending outcome of an appeal. Last year, Leighton suspended the rules as they pertain to Plan B, the so-called “morning-after pill,” by granting an injunction.

Under the rules, pharmacies must stock and dispense legal medications; individual pharmacists may refuse, but only if someone else is available to provide the medication.

The defendants, including the state Department of Health and the Board of Pharmacy, asked the judge to stay the injunction and the case itself while the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hears an appeal. The judge’s ruling means state rules are still suspended, and the case in Tacoma — scheduled to go to trial in October — will continue. Defendants must file their appeal by Feb. 29.

In Friday’s motion, the defendants argued that Washington residents have a legal right to obtain Plan B from pharmacies, and that the injunction “broadly infringes on that right, placing the public at greater risk of denial of access to care.”

and this gem:

The lawsuit was filed by two pharmacists and a pharmacy owner who contend their “rights of conscience” were violated by the state rules. The plaintiffs say their religious beliefs prevent them from providing the emergency contraception, which they say can cause an abortion — a claim the other side disputes.

this kind of shit has been going on since the minute the pharmacist’s prescriptive authority was granted in our state. but i have yet to see an area where “conscience” is ever applied against anyone with a penis.


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the politics of hair

January 2, 2008 at 10:10 pm (feminism, gender, image) (, )

so, i’m dyeing my hair black and blue. like, right now. and what does this have to do with the price of tea?

when i graduated undergrad, i stopped dyeing my hair. after about a decade of dyeing, bleaching, and whatnot, my hair had gone from the shade of a new penny to black with a white streak (actually, that had a lot to do with james iha in the bullet with butterfly wings video, but whatev). my promise to myself, for whatever reasons at the time, was to shuck pretense and let my hair be itself.

image is a tricky thing. my profession (mental health) dictates a bland wardrobe, conservative hair, inauspicious office furniture. i have spent a lot of time cultivating a benign, yet hopefully stylish appearance; i even have twinsets in my wardrobe, for fuckssake. in the past i have used my clothes and hair to advance my position; and hence, i rationalized, advance the position of the clients i advocate for. but at what point did my nonconformity in haircolor become irrelevant in the face of wholesale image sellout? i mean, let’s be real. when you use your boobs and makeup and clothes to get what you want from people, it doesn’t really matter anymore whether you color your hair. i’ve been kidding myself. the body is politic. image is currency in this patriarchal mess of a society we have. not coloring my hair didn’t make me less femme, less of a ‘lipstick,’ didn’t make me more radical. did my grey make me more credible to the judge in my client’s trial? i hope not.

the spirit of feminism is at one of it’s highest peaks when we reclaim for ourselves, that which society has already branded as a tool of subjectivity to male beauty ideals.

the price has gotten too high. tonight, at least, i’m reclaiming my hair.

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