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January 28, 2008 at 6:25 pm (existential angst, movies, pop psychology, quality of life) ()

i went to the movie The Bucket List yesterday. while it was kind of slow to start, with a storyline that kind of meandered along, the sentiment is certainly strong. the movie centers around two terminally-ill older gents who make a list of things to do before they kick the bucket–the bucket list.

it’s a simple concept, and not a new one. a few years ago, a book came out entitled 1,000 Places To See Before You Die. it’s a perspective check, in a way–a method to help keep grounded into a place of thought-about goals instead of getting perpetually ground down into the minutiae .

The Seattle Times has an article on the subject. the article interviews several people about their own bucket lists. one person had this to say:

“It’s like the phenomenon of buying a red car — all of a sudden you see red cars all around,” he says. “When you take the opportunity to write down your goals, there’s a heightened awareness. It’s not that there’s more red cars; you just see things a little differently.”

put that way, it almost sounds like something from
the secret,
a book/movie empire that has circulated for a few years that highlights the ‘law of attraction,’ a notion that states that we attract into our lives the things we give the most energy to through thought and deed.

while not exactly a fan of ‘the secret,’ it does a good job of helping people refocus; just what the bucket list does. it is a psychological placeholder, as it were, that creates space for a dimension outside the here and now, a place for goals and wishes and dreams. it helps get us out of the daily grind and into a realm of possibility. so while it’s no great homage to scriptwriting or cinematography, it is worth seeing nonetheless.

so, what’s on your bucket list?


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